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le Delhi Belhi
Delhi Belhi - Indian Restauran on the French Riviera, Nice, FRANCE -
Phone: 04 93 92 51 87 (Behind Cours Saleya) - cote d'azur, restaurant
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Lamb [  gosht  ]

lamb simmered in a spicy sauce made with fresh hot peppers,
onions, tomatoes; spices and tamarind

sautéed lamb in spinach, yogurt and hot spices!

lamb cooked in a spicy sauce with almonds,
cashews and exotic fruits

lamb cooked in a mild sauce composed of
pistachios, raisins, cumin and fresh creme

sautéed lamb and tandoor grilled eggplant
embellished with tomatoes and delicate spices

lamb cooked in a creamy sauce made with milk
of cashew, tomatoes and delicate spices

choice morsels of marinated lamb roasted in the tandoor
served in an aromatic sauce made with spices,
almonds and cashews

specialty of Kashmir: a lamb curry made with
fresh tomatoes, paprika and yogurt

specialty of Gujrat : a lamb curry made with lentils,
fresh tomates, green chillies,strong like fire

Mild                                       Medium                                    Hot

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14 €
14,5 €
14,5 €
14,5 €
14 €
14 €
14 €
Delhi Belhi - Indian Restaurant in Nice, FRANCE
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14,5 €
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14,5 €